PMU, BB Glow & No Needle Fillers

at Passion Salons Beauty Lounge

Passion Salon is pleased to introduce PMU & HyGlow (No Needle Filler) to our new Beauty Lounge from July 2020.

PMU stands for Permanent Make Up.

PMU lasts up to five years with recommended 1-2 year top ups.

HyGlow is a special alternative to injectables, with no needle, creating a subtle enhancement to lips, cheeks, and fine lines across the face.

Green Eyes and Makeup

Hyglow no needle filler


Suitable for anyone seeking subtle enhancements in the following areas:

  • Lip augmentation.

  • Correcting shape or density or lips.

  • Adding hydration.

  • Filling soft lines or wrinkles.

  • Smokers lines.

  • Softening nasolabial folds.

  • Marionette lines.

  • Labella lines.

  • Creating subtle healthy glow and plumpness to the cheeks.

  • Suitable for men and women.

Clients with existing botox in the area must wait two weeks post injections to book for HyGlow.

Clients with existing filler in the area must wait 6 weeks before booking HyGlow for the same area, however Hyglow can be layered on prior HyGlow to create a more dramatic effect at a 10 day gap.

HyGlow's unique method of application results in a more controllable depth and even distribution with less trauma.


Permanent Make Up

Everyone is adoring the PMU possibilities and with good reason, techniques are ever developing and the results are looking more natural and undetectable. At Passion our PMU lady is Jay, with over 15 years in the Aesthetics and Medical industry she added PMU training to her repertoire in early 2020, training in over eleven aspects of semi permanent makeup, qualifying with distinctions in all eleven areas.

Make Up is a passion, and creating the ideal look for someone, correcting symmetry and enhancing features is a wonderful way to make our clients feel more confident and comfortable in their skin.

There are now multiple choices for PMU, it can be a little confusing so below we have listed the main differences between each to help you decide what may be right for you.

If you are considering PMU we suggest you book for a free consultation and patch test to discuss all your options.

PMU for Lips

Aquarelle lips

Aquarelle Lips come in a variety of shades to suit all lip colours. Suitable for all lip shapes to add a natural colour to enhance your own natural beauty.

  • A consultation is required prior to treatment.

  • Slight swelling may occur following treatment.

  • A long lasting treatment, between 1 and 5 years.

  • Soft and natural look.

  • If desired this look can be completed with more intense shades to create a lipstick effect look - though if a lipstick effect is your preference we recommend Ombre Lips (see below).

Aquarella lips.webp
Ombre lips.jpg

Ombre Lips

Ombre is available in endless shades, and as with all PMU a consultation and patch test is required prior. 

  • Long lasting between 1-5 years.

  • Swelling and scabbing may occur during healing.

  • Colour can be either natural or full lipstick effect.

  • Would suit the ladies who would typically wear make up daily, those who wear make up infrequently may prefer the Lip Line, Lip line and Blush or Aquarelle Lips.

  • Important to keep in mind that the intense colour will fade during healing by 30-50%, so the initial week after the procedure the lips will be much more intense than the finished look.

Lip Line / Line & Blush

Lip Line is the term used for neatening up and defining the outer edge of the lips,

Lip Line & Blush is this neatened edge followed by a smooth blend into your original lip colour, The effect can be similar to a natural ombre effect.

  • Multiple colours possible, however this is best suited to natural lip colours.

  • Creates a defined edge.

  • As we age our lips loose definition at the edges, so this is a great way of subtly looking more youthful.

  • Long lasting 1-5 years.

  • Ideal for everyone no matter their daily use of make up or not.


above: Lip Line

below: Lip Line & Blush


PMU for Brows


Powder Brows

There are many choices when it comes to brow technique and there is no right or wrong, some clients simply prefer a style, others are led by their skin type and transparency. 

Powder brows are one of the most popular techniques and here is why:

  • Creates a soft 'fluffy look' to the brow.

  • No hard edges that often give away the tattoo. 

  • Can be incorporated into other styles such as Ombre Brows.

  • Helps create a denser appearance.

Ombre Brows

A beautiful technique incorporating many styles, often including powdered brows, dots and hair stroke.

  • Creates a soft start to the brow.

  • Colour builds for the arch and tail.

  • Ideal for the clients who are beauty driven and typically wear make up daily. 

brows 2.jpg
brows 6.jpeg

Hair Stroke Brows

Not to be mistaken for Microblading (which is more temporary, deeper, traumatic and scars the skin) PMU Hair Stroke Brows can be so natural and beautiful.

  • A favorite for both genders.

  • Replicates individual hairs.

  • Can be used to fill in gaps in brows.

  • Often used to cover up scars in eyebrows.

  • Long lasting 1-5 years.

  • Many shades available.

  • Not as dense a brow as Powder - although a combination can be used if you wish for a dense hair stroke look, we recommend Ombre brows for these clients.

PMU for Eyeliner and Shadow

Lash inserts / Infills

Not your bold eyeliner but a delicate line added between lashes.

  • Available for both the top and lower lid.

  • Creates the illusion of thicker lashes.

  • Available in many shades to either match your lashes - if you prefer to be make up free, or to match your mascara.

  • Can be a stand alone treatment or combined with more traditional eyeliner for a bolder look.

top and botton lash infills.jpg
Eyeliner 2.jpeg

Eyeliner - Delicate / Glam

Eyeliner is a personal choice, from bold Glam to Delicate Liner, with or without the fashionable cat eye flick.

  • Available for both the top lid.

  • Makes the eyes more noticeable.

  • Lashes look thicker.

  • Available in many shades, although typically favoured in black, some may opt for blue or green to enhance the colour of the eye.

  • Can be a stand alone treatment or combined with PMU eyeshadow for an enhanced makeup look.

PMU Eyeshadow

The newest addition to PMU techniques.

  • Eyeshadows are fast becoming a international request.

  • Typically shadow is added in a dots technique to the outer corners, however it may be used over the full lid at request.

  • A great way of adding a hint of colour to enhance the colour of the eyes.

  • Long lasting 1- 3 years.

  • Suitable for clients who like the make up look and typically wears make up daily.

liner and shadow1.jpg

BB Glow


BB Glow is the name given to the procedure which uses Dermapen micro-needling technology  to insert the BB Glow serum containing natural nutrients under the surface of the skin.

Benefits include:

  • A subtle glow,  giving the appearance of healthy luscious looking skin.

  • Acne treatment (though sadly not possible for active pustule acne).

  • A semi-permanent foundation, available in four shades and build-able to create your desired look.

  • Ideal for those suffering from red flushes, Rosacea or Pigmentation such as Melasma.

  • A great temporary solution for Vitiligo sufferers.

  • Helps lesson the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles due to the stimulation of collagen production.

  • Helps to even your skin tone.

  • All natural ingredients.


  • No down time & almost painless.

  • Immediate results with improvements for up to two weeks following.

  • Lasts up to 4 months!