Massage & Professional Make-Up


Professional Make-Up

Swedish Massage is the most common and best known type of massage in the West. It can be slow and gentle or vigorous and bracing depending on your concerns, just discuss the pressure you'd like with your therapist. The massage techniques used relax the whole body by directing their motions towards the heart. 

Deep Tissue Massage is very similar to Swedish but with more power and pressure applied to better relax and un-knot tired muscles.


Throughout a Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage you are generally nude (or in underwear) under a sheet, your therapist will use a technique called draping to ensure only the area they are working on is exposed during the treatment. 


Hot Stones Massage uses smooth basalt that has been specially heated to relax and warm tight your muscles allowing your therapist to work more deeply and quickly. Hot Stone Massage has an array of benefits including: Improving Circulation, Aiding Digestion, Easing Symptoms of PMS, Relieving Chronic Aches, Improving Sleep Quality and Melting Muscle Tension. 

The origins of Hot Stone Massages are traced back to Native Americans who warmed stones by the fire to treat aching muscles. 


Indian Head Massage are a form of ancient therapy designed to provide relief from neck and shoulder pain, increase oxygen uptake by the body tissues, stimulate the lymphatic system to remove toxins from the body, improve circulation of oxygen to the muscles and brain, relax scalp tissue, reduce anxiety and promote concentration and altertness. 

Indian Head Massages concentrate on the head, neck and face as these ae the areas that commonly store the most tension. 

Bridal Makeup

Professional Make-Up

Make Up Trial

Ideal to try out a style before that big day, as time is limited in the trial we suggest you bring with you plenty of pictures  / photos of styles you like, if this is to compliment an outfit we would love to see that also, and an idea of your hair design on the day so we can help produce the best look with you. If you're really not sure what you would like or you have too many ideas, perhaps book more than one trial to try out the options, or book a Make Up Tutorial or Lesson to help achieve a better understanding of what will suit your facial shape and style?


Make Up Application

This is for the special day itself, we spend longer perfecting your look to ensure it is perfect. We always recommend a trial first,. if you choose not to have a trial first then you must be sure of the look you want, as there may not be time for too many alteration... and we want you to feel wonderful and confident on your day.


Make Up Tutorials / Lessons

Visit the Passion Team and learn what styles would suit you, tips to create the look you want, what to avoid and how to master issues you have faced, the tutorial can take on any direction you want, see some of the options below:

Choice of:







Halloween or

Daily Wear