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How to Decide on a Type of Extension

We offer free consultations at Passion but to make it easier here are the common Q&As

Q1/ is everyone suitable?

A/ You must have at least 3 inches of good healthy growth at the root, this must be strong and not damaged/weak

It is therefore not suitable for people who are losing hair

Also not suitable for people who have a very sensitive scalp, are pregnant or who are allergic to many things

Q2/How long do the extensions last?

A/ Dependent on the method of fitting, Prebonded lasts typically 5-6 months and are the most durable, robust, comfortable and discrete, Nano/loop/ring last 2-9 months but require maintenance and are most likely to slip or shed, Tape Extensions last 2-6 months but are most limited in positioning, ideally suited for people who will mostly wear their hair down or tied up with only low positioned ponytails etc.

Mostly the duration is effected by care whilst wearing and following the aftercare advice, and speed of new hair growth. 

Q3? Is maintenance required?

A/ it is recommended that you follow sensible aftercare advice with all methods however if you opt for prebonded it is possible to not require maintenance outside of your own care, all other methods will require some maintenance monthly to refit slipped extensions for hair growth.

Q4/ What is the aftercare?

A/ When washing your hair never dry it upside down - always blow the heat from a dryer from above so the hair lays in the direction you wish it to sit.

Never go to bed with the hair wet

Always dry the bonds/scalp area as a minimum requirement to avoid tackiness

Avoid conditioner on the root area

Sleep with your hair in a gentle plait or ponytail so that it does not require much hard brushing in the morning

Never back comb the hair

Avoid the bond area with styling items such as straightening irons

Remember the extensions are not rooted in the scalp and as such do not get natural oils or moisture, typically this is no real concern, however the environment may dry out the hair over tie, a simple remedy to keep hair soft and shiny is to use a hair mask every few weeks and hair serum as and when required,

Always use heat defense before blow drying or styling

A loop brush is a sensible option to brush the scalp area without tugging the bonds. These are available in Passion. 

Q5/ Full Head or Half Head?

A/ A Full Head is the only option for adding length and thickness, however if you only wish to add thickness - or colour without dying or drying your own hair, then half head options are ideal.

Q6/ Does the fitting include styling and a cut?


A/ We level the hair trimming off excess as part of the fitting however you can add on a cut with one of the stylists at Passion for the nominal price of only £10. Other options are also available for styling and colour too should you desire this. Don't forget to book your preferences alongside your fitting appointment.

Q7/ What happens at a colour match?


A/ A stylist will sit you in good natural light and compare the ends of your hair to examples of extensions to match the colour, mostly there is an exact match. If this is not the case the stylist will explain your options.

You are welcome to choose more than one colour to match yours or to add colour to your hair.

We do not charge to add extra colours and recommend for a natural look you opt for your main colour and two more, a shade either side of your base for a natural multitonal look.

when complete you will then be asked to pay a deposit to secure your booking appointment. your hair is ordered especially for you and is not kept in stock, meaning you always get fresh extensions.

Q8/ How is the length measured?


A/The stylist can help you decide the length you require, the measurement is not from the root as the extensions would be on show if fitted that high, the extensions are fitted from the temple height and measurement is taken from here. Please see the photo below to help demonstarte where the extensions will come to once fitted. Wavy or curly hair is going to appear shorter once fitted as in the photo.

Q9/ Can I opt for wavy hair to gain a nice curl?

A/ Only if your hair is naturally wavy/curly should you opt for these extensions, as we must match like for like, else they will look unnatural. Remember you can curl or even perm the extensions if you desire a wave - but best to do this with your natural hair to get a seemless result. The only exception to this is people with wavy hair who always straighten their hair may opt for straight extensions.

Q10/ Do Hair Extensions damage your hair?


A/ Directly? No, however if you fail to follow the aftercare then it is possible to get damage.

It is rare but possible to have an allergy to keratin inside the bonds on hair extensions. This can not be tested prior and therefore can not be predicted, if you suspect you are allergic you will need to have the extensions removed as soon as possible. It has never been reported life-threatening, symptoms have been skin flare ups and rashes.

Picking and pulling at extensions may pull your own hair out with the extensions, we recommend you always have your extensions removed professionally to avoid this.

Extensions hold in place the hair that would normally shed over the time you wear the extensions - they are tied into the bonds so can not fall away, so it is natural to see these hairs with the bond when the bond is removed. On average we shed around 100 hairs a da, when we wear extensions this halfs as the bonds are keeping the other half in place until removal. This makes your hair feel lovely and thick with extensions and less thick once removed. Though it is not damage only the thickness your hair would have been in either way. See the Fallen Hair diagram below - this show the naturally shed hair in place due to the bond and highlights how bonds can knot if not brushed well.

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