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Express Facial - lasting 20 minutes £18

Great for someone new to facials or short on time, our express facial includes: double cleanse, oxygenated steam, ultrasonic scub, tone, serum, ion infusion, spf and facial massage

Passion Facial - lasting 25-30 minutes £25 - or lasting 55-60 minutes £45

As the express facial plus exfoliation, extraction, skin care mask and choice of: - shoulder and head, hand and arm or foot and lower leg massage

choice of: Honey, Rose, Fullers Earth, 


DermaPen Anti Aging Facial / Neck and Decolette. £45 /£40 45-50 minutes

Dermapen is a device able to regenerate skin by micro needling, helping to smooth skin and reverse skins of aging, to find out more click the link for more information under the facials heading above

Diamond Microdermabrasion

Diamond Microdermabrasion (DMD) - lasting 35-40 minutes £27               Deluxe DMD - lasting 55-60 minutes £32

DMD is a deep exfoliation using micro diamonds infused into a surgical steel buffer ring, using gentle vacuum suction dead skin cells and debris are removed leaving your skin soft and clearer than before.

A course of treatment can help with fine lines, scars, blackheads and acne pitting.

DMD includes the Express elements plus the DMD procedure over the full face and neck.

Deluxe is everything above PLUS a relaxing facial mask with hand and arm massage.


Microcurrent Facial Toning (MFT) - lasting 25-30 minutes £25                Deluxe MFT - lasting 40-45 minutes £30

Everything included in the Express Facial plus facial toning with Microcurrent, non invasive, no pain or downtime, a course is recommend for more significant results. Deluxe includes a relaxing facial mask with hand and arm massage.


Dermaplaning - lasting 45-60 minutes £60             Deluxe Dermaplaning  - lasting 50-75 minutes £75

Dermaplaning removes up to 28 layers of old skin each visit.  Our Dermaplaning treatment includes the full face and neck.

Double Cleanse, Steam (or Chemical Peel with Deluxe Version) then the therapist carefully removes excess skin and debris with a dermaplaining blade, serum, spf and facial massage. 

The deluxe version also includes a relaxing facial mask with hand and arm massage as well as chemical peel instead of steam to allow a deeper treatment.

Eyes & Brows


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Eyebrow Tint - £8.00 Eyelash Tint - £8.00 


Lash Lift and Tint


Brow Options

Eyebrow Restyle -  Silk £16 / Hot Wax £17

Includes Brow Tint & Shape

Eyelash AND Eyebrow Tint - £15

(no shaping)


Eyebrow Wax AND Eyelash Tint -£18 

(no tint for the brow)

Eyelash Tint AND Eyebrow Restyle:  Silk Wax £23.50 / Hot Wax £24.50

 includes Tint for both lashes and brow, and brow waxing 

Brow Lamination


A semi permanent taming of unruly brows

Eyelash Extensions

Party Lashes £20                       Full Set of Individual Lashes £45                       Russian Lashes £60

Professional Make Up


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Make Up Trial


Ideal to try out a style before that big day, as time is limited in the trial we suggest you bring with you plenty of pictures  / photos of styles you like, if this is to compliment an outfit we would love to see that also, and an idea of your hair design on the day so we can help produce the best look with you. If you're really not sure what you would like or you have too many ideas, perhaps book more than one trial to try out the options, or book a Make Up Tutorial or Lesson to help achieve a better understanding of what will suit your facial shape and style?

Make Up Application


This is for the special day itself, we spend longer perfecting your look to ensure it is perfect. We always recommend a trial first,. if you choose not to have a trial first then you must be sure of the look you want, as there may not be time for too many alteration... and we want you to feel wonderful and confident on your day.

Make Up Tutorials / Lessons

lasting 15 minutes £15 / lasting 30 minutes £29 / lasting 60 minutes £50

Visit the Passion Team and learn what styles would suit you, tips to create the look you want, what to avoid and how to master issues you have faced, the tutorial can take on any direction you want, see some of the options below:


Choice of:

Glamour, Fashion, Occasion, Wedding, Prom,  Themed, Halloween or Daily Wear

Ear Piercing & Candling


Click here for more information on Ear Piercing and Hopi Ear Candling


Ear Piercing

Single Piercing £11

(one ear)

  Standard Piercing  £20

(both ears)

Double Piercing  £38

(Two in each ear or two friends together with a standard piercing each)

Hopi Ear Candling 


A relaxing therapeutic treatment to relieve tension, blockages and ease symptoms related to migraines, balance, asthma, sinus, hay-fever and lymph fluid.



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All Waxing at Passion is completed with a choice of Silk Wax (traditional with strips) or with Hot Wax : Specially designed to improve comfort with essential oils (no paper strips)   ​​

Eyebrow Wax - Silk £9 / Hot Wax £9.50

Eyebrow Restyle - (includes Brow Tint & Shape) -  Silk £16 / Hot Wax £17


Eyebrow Wax AND Eyelash Tint - (no tint for the brow) - £18 

Eyelash Tint AND Eyebrow Restyle - (includes Tint for both lashes and brow, and brow waxing) - Silk Wax £23.50 / Hot Wax £24.50

Upper Lip - Silk Wax £8 / Hot Wax £8.50 

Chin  - Silk Wax £9 / Hot Wax £9.50 

Neck Wax - Silk £9.50 / Hot Wax £10

Inner Nose - Hot Wax £9

Underarm Wax - Silk £11 / Hot Wax £​12

Bikini: Standard  - Silk Wax £13 / Hot Wax £15.  Extended - Silk Wax £19 / Hot Wax £23.  All Hair - Silk Wax £26 / Hot Wax £29.

Male BSC - Silk Wax for the Back / Hot Wax S&C £75


Male Back & Shoulders - Silk Wax  £24


Buttocks - Silk Wax £12  / Hot Wax £15


Abdomen - Silk Wax £17

Legs: Lower Leg and Knee - Silk Wax £19.   Full Leg - Silk Wax £29 

Package Deal : Just perfect before a holiday or special event but can be taken at any time


The Beach Beauty Package £75

Our deluxe holiday wax package, including: (RRP £ 82 )
Upper Lip Hot Wax, Brow Hot Wax, Underarm Hot Wax, Full Leg Silk Wax, Playboy or Hollywood Bikini Hot Wax

Fun In The Sun Holiday Wax Package £58

(RRP £ 66 ) which Includes:
Upper Lip Wax, Eyebrow Wax, Underarm Wax, Brazilian Wax, & 3/4 Leg Wax, All with silk wax

Full Legs and Hollywood Silk Wax Package (all Hair) £50

Course of 3 x Eyebrow Waxes, Hot Wax / Silk Wax.  £   21   /  £ 25



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Swedish Massage

 Lasting 25 minutes £20           Lasting 55 minutes £40

Deep Tissue Massage

Lasting 25 minutes £23        Lasting 55 minutes £45 

Hot Stone Massage

Lasting 25 minutes £25             Lasting 55 minutes £50 

Indian Head Massage  £28

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage  £22

Massage Packages

55 minute Swedish Massage and Express Facial £55

55 minute Hot Stone Massage and Express Facials  £65

55 minute Deep Tissue Massage and Express Facial £60

Manicures & Pedicures


Click here for more information on Manicures and Pedicures

Acrylic Nails

Ombre Nails £ 45* / £20

*Includes acrylic nail extensions

Acrylics: Full Set  £30

Nail Repair £2.50

Overlays on Natural Nails £25

Sculpted £35


Luxury Manicure and Pedicures

Passion Luxury Manicure:   OPI £20.     Gel £25.      Polydip £30

On natural nails, Includes: cuticle tidy, file, shape, polish, hand and arm massage and moisturiser.

Passion Luxury Pedicure:   OPI £35.    Gel £45 

On natural nails, includes: foot soak in herbal salted water with rose petals, foot scrub, cuticle work, file, polish and foot/leg massage. 

Please note when we refer to OPI we mean we use this brand for our standard nail colours - not gel polishes.

The brand of gels we use varies though is commonly URSugar.

Polydip is a type of polymer acrylic powder based dip system creating longer lasting application with the appearance of gel.

Nail Art

    Hand drawn - £2 per nail.           Stamped - £1 per nail.           Accessories - 20p each.

Semi Permanent Make Up


Click here for more information on PMU and BB Glow


Ombre Brows  £245

Hair Stroke Brows  £225

Powder Brows  £220

Lip Liner  £125

Lip Liner and Blush  £220

Aquarelle Lips  £245

Eyeliner - Top / Lower Lash Line infill £125

Eyeliner - Top Lash Line (solid line)  Delicate  £180,  Glam £210

Patch Test £10

Top up within 6 weeks FREE of charge

Top up between 6 - 52 weeks 25% of the full price (if our work) 

Top up 1-2 years 50% of the full price (if our work)

2 years + £Full Price


BB GLOW lasting 60-90 minutes £95                            Course of 3 for only £245

A brilliant semi permanent mix between PMU and Dermapan. BB Glow delivers improved skin tone and blurs imperfections for up to 4 months, while also offering anti aging and skin tightening benefits! 

During SMP.jpg

Scalp Mocropigmentation SMP


Click here for more information on SMP


Small Scarring : £400

Medium Scarring : £500

Large Scarring

Broken in to three categories for size/price :

£600 - £650- £699

Extra Large Scarring

Broken in to three categories for size/price:

£700 - £800 -£900

Hairline Alteration ~ Class 1: £200

Hairline Alteration ~ Class 2 : £250

Hairline Alteration ~ Class 3 : £300

Norwood Class 3.1 : £300

Norwood Class 3.2 : £350

Norwood Class 3.3 : £375

Norwood Class 3.4 : £400

Norwood Class 3.5 : £449

Norwood Class 4.1 :  £450

Norwood Class 4.2 : £525

Norwood Class 4.3 : £600

Norwood Class 4.4 : £675

Norwood Class 4.5 : £749

Norwood Class 5.1 : £750 

Norwood Class 5.2 : £800

Norwood Class 5.3 : £850

Norwood Class 5.4 :  £900

Norwood Class 5.5 : £999

Norwood Class 6.1 :  £1000 

Norwood Class 6.2 : £1125

Norwood Class 6.3 :  £1250

Norwood Class 6.4 : £1399

Norwood Class 6.5 : £1499

Norwood Class 7.1 : £1500

Norwood Class 7.2 :  £1700

Norwood Class 7.3 :  £1950

Norwood Class 7.4 :  £2250

Norwood Class 7.5 :  £2500

Top up : Per Hour : £200

Patch Test £10

No Needle Filler


Click here for information on Hyglow

Hyglow is now available at Passion Salon

No needles. Using a patented approach of compressed air to force product through the skin.

Hyglow is not as structured as some fillers and therefore not designed for the heavy filler look. This is best suited to those who like a natural look with subtle differences.

As there are no needles involved the process is clean, less likely to cause any unwanted side effects and suited perfectly for the natural enhancement of the lips and fine facial lines.

Priced by the ml

To help clients afford more, we allow two clients to book and come together to share the product - separate and sterile application of course.

1ml £199

1.5ml £285

2ml £375

2.5ml £450

3ml £500

Botox Treatment

Botox, Filler & Fat Dissolving


Click here for more information on Injectables


ALL Injectabbles now available at Passion Salon

Our injectable range is a warmly welcomed addition by our talented MD Jay Lennox,

Qualified in Advanced Aesthetic Injectables


For Wrinkle Relaxing

  1 Area £130, 2 Areas £180 or 3 Areas for only £225

Male clients have a £10 per area surplus as males often need a lot more Botox.


For Migraine 

Between £130 and £230

For Jaw Slimming/ Teeth Grinding 


For Sweating (Hyperhidrosis) 

£350 for both underarms, other areas on consultation


From £190 - £320 (dependent on the amount of product used(

Nose (non surgical rhinoplasty) £249

Chin & Jaw Sculpting £300

Hands £350

Discounts available for combination packages


from £99


(permanent fat destruction)

Chin £180

Body  per area; £200


2 x areas at the same time, £170 each

3 x areas at the same time. £160 each

4 x areas at the same time, £150 each



Click here for more information on Extractions


Minor Extractions can be performed at Passion Salon


Prices start from £35 and range up to £105

(Price on quotation and dependent on type, size and difficulty)



Blocked Follicle

Black Heads

White Heads

A pre-assessment booking is encouraged and free of charge

Price on quotation and dependent on type, size and difficulty